Friends of Ré Expériences

Meet the personalities involved in creating unique and authentic experiences, exclusively for you and your loved ones.
Before participating in Top Chef, Jean-Baptiste spent all his summers in his family home in Porting. Today Chef of the restaurant Au Petit Gris in Paris, a nod to the island's emblematic gastropod, he will be delighted to let you taste his recipes.

Jean-Baptiste Ascione

In love with boards Christophe has a passion for History, which is anchored in his body and even in his costumes which he wears during his excursions through the narrow streets. An evening with him is a journey through time.

Christophe Hermouet

Originally from Germany, Caroline is an adoptive mother, Caroline participates in the ecological awakening of the youngest children in the woods according to her motto: "What we learn to love when we are little, we protect when we grow up".

Caroline Cartalas

Passionate Head Barman and renowned mixologist, eminent connoisseur and creator of signature cocktails that have earned him the highest recognition in 2015: the Meilleur Ouvrier de France competition.

Christophe Davoine

For Marie, ecology starts in the house. She transforms the relationship to space into Interior Ecology® by advocating a return to the essentials and a more sustainable lifestyle.

Marie Queru

As ambassador for the winegrowers of the Ile de Ré, Solène is keen to highlight the island's winegrowing activity by developing wine tourism.

Solène Trichet

Floriane and Olivier, who have owned salt marshes for five generations, open the doors of their white paradise to you.

Floriane Alligné

Inspired by the Ocean and the many facets of the island where she was born, Nadine has also known many lives and travels that make her unique. A multi-disciplinary painter, it was at the age of 40 that Nadine decided to return to her native land and set up her creative and teaching workshop.

Nadine Constancin

Hervé is a naturalist by training and the Ile de Ré is his passion. For 25 years, he has been surveying the foreshore, whether sandy or rocky. He is an expert on the island and its history and will help you discover the local flora and fauna.

Hervé Rocques

Angélina acquired her fairy hands thanks to a trip to India that transformed her. Self-taught, she continually trains herself to improve her massage techniques for the well-being of her clients. Angélina is today a certified practitioner by the French Federation of Wellness Massage.

Angelina Jocaille

Going from bossa, jazz, blues, to French chanson, Charles and Lilou rearrange the tracks to give them a new character, the one that resembles them. Navigators and musicians, Charlilou is a "grouple" who surprises with a romantic and crazy set.