Our team

Household staff

For a day, a week, a month or all year round, enjoy the services of ourhand-picked staff.Let us study your needs together to find your rare pearl.


Professional in the hotel business, responsible for assisting and serving.He or she is your trusted person dedicated to making your daily life easier in complete discretion.


In charge of the preparation of the villa and its maintenance. Manages, organises and plans the house staff according to the needs.

Chambermaid - Valet

Carries out daily the household chores of the villa with respect for the privacy of the occupants.

Chef at home

Our Chefs prepare your dishes at home exclusively for you and your loved ones in the spirit of the flavours of the Ile de Ré.


Ensures the beauty and health of your garden in all seasons.

Cleaning agent

Maintains and ensures the hygiene of your swimming pool all year round.

Property keeper

Take advantage of having your housekeepers on hand to ensure responsiveness throughout the year.

Baby sitter

Entrust your children with complete peace of mind

Sports coach

Yoga, pilates, cardio,... To keep in shape, get back in shape or improve it, a sports coach will assist you and advise you.


Take advantage of the summer to teach your children how to swim in the family pool.


At your disposal for a transfer or an escapade.

Private guide

From historical monuments to the saunier, discover the hidden treasures of the island with your exclusive guide.


Massages, treatments, hairdressing, treat yourself to a moment of relaxation in the comfort of your villa.


Call on our artists to liven up your evenings.


Let us look after your furry or feathered companion.

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